The emerging language of truth in a fake world

Fake is big now. Fake is the rule. Everything can be safely assumed to be fake these days. Particularly when it comes to public messaging. Not just ads. They always were fake. Just… Continue reading

Brands I’ve been with: 2017

Looking back on the work done this year. Bluestone Trying on jewellery can be a very indulgent pleasure. And when jewellery comes home with Bluestone, it’s going to be one long wait till… Continue reading

9 ways to survive in business without knowing anything about UX

If you know there is this thing called UX you might find this piece mildly amusing. If you had no idea about UX, you might actually find this blog useful. Stay away from… Continue reading

What happens when consumer get smarter than brands?

The power gap between brands and consumer is reducing More kids can churn out content that is smarter than the brand establishment More consumers want to become entrepreneurs More pop-psychologists and pop-economists are… Continue reading

Rhyme or Reason?

I have often wondered about the difference between poetry and prose. Prose begins with a preface, introduction and a context. Poetry doesn’t need to do that. Prose can build a rational argument. Poetry… Continue reading

Bareilly ki Barfi and the power of collective embarrassment

In case you haven’t seen this absolute cracker of a movie called Bareilly ki Barfi, It’s a movie about a typical small town in India About girls and boys and their parents and… Continue reading

Defining a Semiotician – by elimination

If you see a dress at a store and feel like buying it you are a CONSUMER If you see a dress at a store and make a note to buy this when… Continue reading

The sounds at a cafe’: Brains on fire

Just having a coffee at Starbucks and catching the vibes around with Matt Murdock-like heightened senses. And this is what I hear. A feverish pitch by a start-up founder to a potential investor.… Continue reading

Is advertising ready for the coming age?

There is a crisis in advertising. And it’s not about the rise of new media and all that nonsense. The crisis in advertising is a creative crisis. And the crisis is not about… Continue reading

The art of resurrection: How to kick your blog back to life

There comes a time (every so often) in our lives when what we started with so much enthusiasm and good intent peters to a lustless meandering phase. This is the time when the… Continue reading