The War on Good Taste

Globally, Axe has been waging a lone battle against good taste.
Outrageously sexy women, throwing themselves at nerdy men in ever more imaginative and contrived ways has made it an icon of sorts.

But this war on good taste seems to have become a Tsunami of late.

Maybe it all started with Diesel’s Be Stupid – A stunning visual led campaign that made Stupid the new cool

Brazen, outrageous behavior well beyond the definitions of good taste that was furiously viral-ed.
And now a larger clutch of brands seem to have caught on to the trend.
Of course, Axe is not taking things lying down here. They have extended their bad-taste formula beyond just the advertising idea. Why spoil a bad-taste idea with tasteful execution? So the Clean your Balls campaign has a TV home shopping setting complete with busty women pouting the brand-speak.

And Reebok found this formula just perfect for carrying forward their shapely butts campaign. So A busty Dr.Betty Bottoms – the Ass doctor gives the cure to Butt Complex.

Given that some of the coolest youth brands are leading this trend, we can expect this to sweep across our TV channels in the coming season.
A cursory glance of youth brands in India makes this trend even more clear.

TVS Wego shows has couples engaing in over the top erotic postures on a scooter

Sprite gives tips to boys on handling jealous and clingy girlfriends who just can’t handle their roving eye

Micromax Music Phones has a college kid making drumming away at skeletons in a medical lab – during class of course

Fastrack is an accessory brand been finding ever more edgier ways to tell youngsters to move on!
Scooty Pep’s Go Babelicious had very young women women unabashedly using their youthful feminine charms to get by
And Virgin Mobile declares it is time to Break Up

So where is all this headed? Is it just a fad? Or is bad-taste here to stay?
Outrageous behavior that shocks the older generation has always been the driver for youth.
And with leading edge brands catching on, its only a matter of time before they begin to out do each other on being the best at bad taste.

How you react to the trend depends on how young you feel, really!