Action on the side

Scene: Coffee Machine

U: Brand manager who’s pretty new in his job
R: Brand manager who’s been around for a bit more (just back from the film shoot in Johannesburg)
T: Another brand manager from R’s batch

U: Hey! You’re back!
R: Yeah man! You know the airport at Johannesburg sucks, right!
U: Why did you go to Johannesburg?
R: Ah! To shoot a film. Can’t trust the agency guys with the big films, you know.
U: Yeah, you have to do something fast… Heard the sales are tanking
R: You did! Who told you?
U: I’d been for an area managers meeting and could hear them cribbing to the boss
R: (The Johannesburg effect pretty much ends here) f**k!
U: I got to present to the global brand director, so let me rush
R: Oh! Who’s Coming?
U: (mentions the name with a bit of familiarity and casualness that can be quite unnerving to a peer)
R: Maybe you should let boss present you know? You don’t want to face the heat if the presentation runs into trouble do you?
U: (Anything he says now can be used as evidence against him) “Ahhh… Hmmm… Uhh…” (and chokes on the coffee)
T: Hey guys!
R: Hey man
T: Hey, I’d been to the store in my mom-in-laws street, and didn’t find your brand there, you know?
R: (Grits his teeth with a let down yet again expression) I’ve had it with the sales guys. They just don’t focus!
T: I asked the store boy about it, and he said that he had some stock, but found it really hard to push them out.
R: Some of these stores really don’t know how to sell high class stuff, do they!
T: But my new variant is rocking man! He got 2 and he sold both!
R: It’s still early days. I really wish you well, but I wouldn’t come to a very hasty conclusion
R: (gives a smile that anyone who sees him for the first time could easily mistake for genuine affection and concern)
T: Anyway you will get all the details in the mail I have sent out just now
R: You sent a mail on your visit to your mom-in-laws street?
T: She just happens to stay there
R: (rapidly gulps down the coffee, and goes to check who’s cc-d on his mail)
U: T, be easy on him man! He is just back from Johannesburg!