Management by obfuscation

Yet another Bored-room bug leak that looks at how diverse points of view, multiple intelligences, and a love of complexity can flourish in a culture of collaborative decision making (phew!) and confuse the hell out any issue!

The Cast:
V: Sales Head
O: V’s official subordinate and unofficial henchman
J: Sales and marketing head
M: Head of the Company
A: M’s assistant
R: Brand manager
L: An unimportant senior manager with a fancy but meaningless designation
Q: Head of Product Development

Context: Yet another management review
Time: Fifteen minutes to lunch

V: M, we should announce a new product launch now
A: V, we just had a big launch this year. Do you think we have milked it enough?
J: A, there have been 15 launches since we came up with our last one.
O: Imagine! Fifteen!
R: (Peering at his laptop intensely) Boss, how did you arrive at fifteen? There have just been…
J: R, lets not get lost in the details. Please understand there is a larger point being made here.
L: I fully agree. We need to balance the need for detail with a bias for action. In fact, I had attended a seminar on middle management repurposing where…
V: (Cuts of L mid-sentence) M, what do you feel about it?
M: Q, i guess you have to answer this!
Q: Yeah, we could launch one quickly as long as we are clear about what we want.
V: Let us launch a top end high performance variant
R: V, please don’t forget the new color options on last year’s technology that had done well in MR
O: Boss, can’t we look at a product that is exactly similar to our leading competitor?
J: I would go for a style and aesthetic makeover. Man, you should see what the Italians are coming up with!
A: We can just interchange the parts of our two top seller products and come up with interesting cross-over designs
L: If we can come in with an entry level product, that would tie in beautifully with the initiatives we are taking with our friends-of-society social programs
V: Guys, you should just see the the way the big cities are taking to top end performance products
R: But, the largest psychographic consumer group is the primordial-wannabe-actualizers for whom color is the top attribute
O: I am a man from the market, and I don’t understand these fancy segment descriptions. All I know is that the main competitor is selling a hell of a lot and we need to be more like them
J: Let me tell you, my daughter and all her friends are extremely well connected, well travelled, highly exposed, and have very refined tastes in life, and you don’t talk to them unless you redefine our dull and dour design and style
A: J, I think we are ignoring the cheap and glitzy Chinese products that are flooding the market!
L: By the way, I am just reading this really amazing book about the bottom of the pyramid where…
R: In fact, I would like to quote a passage from Emotional Design where the author points to the …
O: Boss, what was the book you were asking me to read during my appraisal discussion yesterday?
V: Chetan Bhagat
J: I would suggest everyone reads Cool Hunting by Dave Evans
M: Gentlemen, that was a very interesting discussion after a long time. A, please arrange to get all these books in our library
Q: I am really glad at the way the creative spirit is alive and kicking in our company!
(M and Q get up and prepare to leave)
V: But what about the new product I was asking for?!
M: Q, i guess you have to answer this!
Q: Yeah, we could launch one quickly as long as we are clear about what we want.
(M and Q smile at the group and leave)