Talking between yawns


Rit: Yawn…

Dan: (Stifling the next one) You just yawned

Rit: Yeah. It’s addictive you know

Dan: How long do you think this is gonna go on

Rit: Dunno. He seems pretty much in a flow

Dan: (Sits up straight) Shhh…

Rit: (Sits up straight)

Dan: Did you see the look he gave me

Rit: You were too loud

Dan: Yawn…

Rit: Yawn…

Dan: (Stifling the next one) Do you think any of this is hitting home

Rit: Dunno. He said the same things in the last meeting. Maybe this time it will

Dan: Last time he went on for 2 hours

Rit: This time he’s already gone on for 3

Dan: (Sits up straight and reaches for the cup) Thanks!

Rit: (Sits up strtaight and reaches for the cup) Thank god for coffee

Dan: He seems to be very animated now

Rit: He always does at this stage

Dan: How does he keep it up for so long

Rit: He just sucks it off the audience

Dan: Don’t tell me

Rit: Yeah. Comes with practice

Dan: Yawn…

Rit: Don’t yawn, it’s addi… Yawn