A Cautionary Tale: Cow in a tiger’s clothing

This is an investigation of the phenomenon of cows wanting to dress up like a Tiger.

Disclaimer: Before we get into the discussion, just wanted to clear the air about any seeming gender bias. The gender choice is just to highlight the two extremes and the point trying to be made has nothing to do with gender.

There is something touchingly sad about the cow that feels the need to dress up in Tiger’s clothing.

Maybe she thinks she can’t move freely amongst the tigers without it.

As if the tigers won’t make out very soon.

Maybe she even thinks she can give the Tigers a darn good fight.

She only has to try for her to realise her folly.

Maybe she thinks the other cows might see her with awe, and she could rule over them.

But then she stands a risk of the other cows running away in fear and leaving her alone till the first Tiger chances by.

Or, maybe she just finds Tigers incredibly good looking and wants to look and act like them.

What could we have to say against this seemingly harmless desire.

Any cow living in a democratic country should be allowed the freedom to dress up the way she wants to, right?

But what she fails to understand is that the Tigers have never been known for respecting the Cows’ right to democracy.

Goats and sheep might not mind, but rarely have cows shown the need to dress up like goats.

Tigers are known to bully and boss over the poor cows, and that is what makes them so sexy to cows in the first place.

And bullies are never known to allow their victims to start aping them.

Such pretensions are very strongly dealth with. Quick and often painful death to the pretender is often the result.

Hence, Cows would be well advised to act stop pretending like tigers and just be cows.