Thank you Andre

Thank you for writing about your life so openly, that it feels like I have personally lived through your life and learned in a few days what it took you a lifetime to learn.

Thank you for being so disarmingly open up about your most intimate and even fleeting thoughts, as you struggled every inch of the way, so that greatness like what you have achieved doesn’t seem so unreal anymore.

Thank you for showing that business and friendship can happily co-exist, by so appreciatively dissecting roles that Gil, Brad and Perry played in your life and the extent to which they staked themselves on your career.

Thank you for sharing those elusive tips on fitness and tennis that you got, that made difference from being a great player to a champion.

Thank you for telling us how you let yourself be coached to greatness, because how we allow ourselves to be coached is maybe more important, but far more poorly understood than how to coach others.

Maybe your greatest achievement was to uncomplainingly accept the harsh burden of your dad’s expectations, and being able to forgive him, even while being acutely aware of the pain he caused.

Thank you for living a life of naivete, simplicity and honesty, even though it appears you couldn’t have been anyway else.

Thank you for re-introducing yourself to the world after you found yourself, so that even guys like me who never gave you a second look earlier, didnt miss out on knowing someone really special.

Thanks to JR Moehringer for a style of writing that is as physical as the sport you played, and being just as objective about you as you yourself are.

And thanks for helping me discover and articulate depths of sentiment and emotion that I normally choose to not express :-/