What is the big deal about an insight anyway?

I spend a significant part of my life talking about the importance of insights for brands.

And then something like this comes along.

Emami has launched Tasty and Healthy cooking oils. Wow! I am rushing to the nearest store to buy the sun-blessed cooking oil!

Just the sort of marketing action that makes you wonder whether anybody needs insights anymore!

You really don’t need an insight unless you want to innovate.

And you don’t really need to innovate unless you want to change the status quo.

And you don’t need to change the status quo, if you don’t have a business or brand problem.

The happy faces above clearly indicates the guys and girls handling the brand do not see any problem.

Search for an insight can only begin with a problem.

Your problem could be how to differentiate your brand.

Your problem could be how to make your launched talked about.

Your problem could be how to change mind-set about a category of products.

If you go searching for insights without defining your problem, you wouldn’t find anything.

The first step to insights is to admit that you have a problem; or to find a problem.

An insight is like a refrigerator door. When you open it, the lights come on.

An insight can enable you to solve a problem with surprising ease.

Cadbury’s problem was how to move chocolates beyond just kids.

They hit upon the insight that within every adult there is child waiting to be pampered.

So simple, once you have found it.

The best insights are retrospectively self-evident; but only retrospectively.

People form prejudices based on the colour of our skin.

So true; and so simple; but no one acted on it before Fair and Lovely.

The insight belongs to the finder. It can only be usurped if the finder gives it up.

Brands that don’t act on an insight, stand the danger of losing it.

The insight is a slave to the most committed believer.

Hero Honda Pleasure went to town with “Why should boys have all the fun”

Most girls thought the ad was for Scooty.

Because it was Scooty which was really acting on the insight of girls desire to be celebrate her femininity even in a man’s world.

There is nothing correct about an insight. Otherwise it would be called a consumer truth.

While consumer truths are irrefutable, it is often of limited use.

If everyone knows something, and is doing something about it, it is maybe not an insight.

Take the fact that people want health and taste in food, health and beauty in skin.

Take the fact that people want to look good to make an impression.

These truths are good only as boundary conditions, as unhealthy perception, and poor taste can be bad news for brands.

An insight doesn’t emerge from research data. An insight is often hiding in a corner away from the glare. An insight is a barely audible murmur that is waiting to be heard.

Research would throuw up the fact that women want to look more beautiful. What it wouldn’t tell you is this.

When women see idealized visions of beauty, they might actually feel ugly in comparison.

Women beyond a certain age know they can’t start looking any better; they would just like to feel better about the way they look.

An insight doesn’t just happen by logical deduction. Often insights appear as a flash of inspiration.

Observe. Study. Research. Think. Discuss. Reflect.

Approach it from different angles. Take a break.

Sleep over it.

Archimedes got it when he was in the bath.