50 ways to kill your brand before your competition can

  1. Assume that your close family members are adequate representation of the consumer
  2. Analyse the brand track in great depth and get lost in the details
  3. Stop investing in the brand altogether
  4. Blame the creative agency for poor advertising
  5. Blame the sales team for shops not showing interest in stocking the brand
  6. Fight your way out of bad times by offering discounts
  7. Run a cleverly worded promotion that convices the internal mnagement that it is not a price off
  8. Become so paranoid about the brand’s need to satisfy all peripheral consumer groups and forget who the brand was designed for in the first place
  9. Have a strong inferiority complex about other brands that sell more
  10. Track competition more closely than you track your own business
  11. Browbeat the creative agency into writing the sort of scripts you would be better of writing yourself
  12. Spend more on producing the ad than you plan to spend on airing it
  13. Assume market research can give you all the answers you will ever need
  14. Keep doing different kinds of market research from different agencies till they all start disagreeing with each other
  15. Ask some daunting questions to the MR agency when they come back to present that sends them scurrying for cover
  16. Start believing that if ony consumers can sample your brand they would become die-hard fans for life
  17. Offer peanuts to existing consumers to start selling your brands to their best friends
  18. Tell the sales team that you will advertise only if they increase their sales projections far beyond the current demand
  19. Punish sales teams for not selling more by stopping brand investment during bad times
  20. Get greedy during good times and shovel back brand investments into cost savings
  21. Treat brand investment as an annual expense and consumer promotions as brand investment
  22. Put off everyone in the team by sounding more knowledgeable about every subject than everyone else
  23. Outsource creativity to external agencies
  24. Never do any fundamental innovation on the brand
  25. Postpone all real innovations to next year and prioritize quick wins – every year
  26. Fritter away the marketing budget in sponsoring various events where you would like to get a free entry
  27. Make the brand teams report to the sales head
  28. Promote a celebrity brand ambassador more than the brand
  29. Approve scrpits for advertising where the magnificence of the execution hides the absence of any real idea
  30. Be so overawed by the competition that you are terrified of standing out
  31. Get lost in the technical mumbo jumbo of the product
  32. Get too reverential about consumers who are higher up on the social ladder
  33. Act in ways that are patronizing and condescending to the consumers at the bottom of the pyramid
  34. Blame the strategy for poor execution and the execution for poor strategy
  35. Try to make the brand sound cooler than it really is
  36. Wait too long before you get the confidence to try something new
  37. Never do anything before any other brand in the category has already done it
  38. Get trapped in an advertising cliche
  39. Fail to move the brand with the times
  40. Treat advertising as a fine-art and yourself as a connoisseur and patron of the arts
  41. Use gut as an alternative to objectivity
  42. Fail to apply judgement on data
  43. When meeting potential consumer, speak more than you listen
  44. Underestimate the role of emotions in brand choice and assume the only opposite of rationality is irrationality
  45. Suck up to global brand teams in the hope of a quick transfer to greener pastures
  46. Consider word of mouth to be a communication strategy
  47. Hold on too tightly to brands that are better managed by their community
  48. Try to please everyone who has anything to do with the brand
  49. Keep saying “I am looking for quick wins here” in all meetings
  50. Be complacent and smug about life in general