The 2 halfs, the haves and the have-nots

The Cast

M: The Client (who runs a large company)

K: Account Head – Serviving

X: Creative Director – 1

Y: Creative Director – 2

I: Management trainee who works with M

Place: The agency board room

(M has just finished laying out his company plans and talked through the issues he is facing)

M: (looking at X and Y, who have been silent right through the hour long briefing looking intelligent but bored) Why aren’t they saying anything?

K: (steps in) They are the creative guys, you know.

M: But why can’t they talk to me? Why can’t they respond to what I just said?

X: (Smiles at K)

K: (Smiles back at X, with a ‘Let me handle this’ smile)

Y: (Glowers at X)

X: (Smiles at Y)

K: So, would you like some Tea?

M: I have already had 3 cups of tea since I came here. I am looking for a creative idea. That’s what I came for!

K: (slowly, patiently, as if to a kid) M, you need to understand it doesn’t happen quite at the speed at which you expect.

M: It’s just an idea right? Why can’t they just say what they think? (looks at Y and turns back to K) Can I try talking to them directly if you don’t mind?

K: (the carefully constructed pretense of cool formality begins to wither a bit) uh, M, why don’t you leave it with us? I said we will get back in a week, right? It takes that much time.

M: (has clearly lost all patience with K, and now addresses Y directly) Y,…

Y: (looks up with narrowed eyes from a mass of black facial hair)

M: (confidence slipping away rapidaly) Mr.Y…

Y: (coughs, excuses himself and walks out of the room)

M: (looks at X now) Why won’t you say anything? I just want your ideas!

X: (casts a glance at K, and clearly indicates his patience is running out)

K: (almost lifts M from his chair and half drags him out of the room, even as M looks with uncomprehending fear at X)

K: See, M, its like this. Creative guys can’t think when clients are in the room and talking away. You guys are left brained. That interferes with their right brained brain-waves. X and Y are god’s gift to mankind. If they can’t work in splendid isolation, they will just not work. Then who’s the loser? It’s you!

M: (sipping the cup of Tea, K has brought him) Oh, I understand now… I have been reading a lot about this whole left-brain / right-brain stuff. I guess there is so much out there we don’t comprehend, understand or appreciate. Amazing! I am just over-whelmed by the sheer amount of creativity that resides here!

K: (smiles with a hint of smugness)

I: (who has been seeing everything and can hold himself back no longer now) I find this attitude sickening! All of us are creative in our own ways! Why should anyone have such a strangle-hold on creativity? Why can’t we all just discuss and ideate openly?

K: (stiffens, looks at M with a ‘now you handle this fellow’ look)

M: (swats him on the head with his smart-phone) I, as a pathetic left-brained creature, you will never be able to able to get it! Just call the cab, and let’s leave!

The End.