99 ways to increase traffic to your blog

  1. Add the blog URL to your visiting card
  2. Append the blog URL to your digital signature
  3. Read others’ blogs and say nice things about their blogs before politely inviting them to read yours
  4. Make fascinating and remarkable comments on other blogs in ways that make those bloggers sit up and think “man, I wish that person commented here more often!”
  5. Be nice to all your friends
  6. In every blog, keep referencing your earlier blogs by adding sentences like “This is what I had written at length about in …”
  7. Make it essential reading for your subordinates if they want a decent appraisal
  8. Start writing a blog only after you have become very famous
  9. If ego is not an issue, mislead readers into thinking this is the blog of a celebrity like Amitabh Bachchan or Kim Kardashian
  10. Make very controversial points like comparing a demi-god and a sex-godess, that have a good chance attracting viral hatred
  11. Sound like an expert even if you are an amateur
  12. Throw a party to influential friends and invite yourself as the keynote speaker
  13. Advertise on a porn site
  14. Keep reading more posts about how to increase traffic to your blog. You can start with this (http://www.seomoz.org/blog/21-tactics-to-increase-blog-traffic-2012… many of my points were inspired by his)
  15. Use interesting titles to attract attention