Hans Brinker – Breaking all rules, by the Book

Now here is a brand that seems to be doing everything by the book

A sharp TG – the young budget traveller

A clearly articulated positioning that draws from the fundamental strengths of the brand (which in this case could be easily mistaken for a weakness)

Functional benefits that are Relevant, Unique and Credible (No one’s said something so obvious, so audacious, with so much conviction)

A strong point of view on the category (and on life in general)

A compelling and strong personality, tone and manner (that doesn’t curry favours even with the audience)

… that her been consistently been used in advertising over the last 15-odd years

Tactical promotions that have built brand at very low (in this case nil) cost

And of course the flavour of the next century – CSR

As a marketing professional, it is so heartening to see the process bearing results. Hans Brinker continues to remain an iconic hotel brand that manages to command a healthy premium over other economy hotels and still manage high bookings (in advance).

All the creatives shown above are real, and done by a really cool Amsterdam based agency called Kessels Kramer.