Come new year, and things will never be the same again!

Brand New Year Resolutions

A new year can be a time for us to break free from the past and do things like we have never done them before. It is a time for us to dump the past, (maybe) relook at the past (oh oh that’s too pedestrian, replace with) revisit the past (that would be more inoffensive practical (that sounds too tame) pragmatic) and chart a brave new future.

Leaking out Bringing you the never before seen new year resolutions (with the secret pinings jottings ) of everyone who is anyone key players in the marketing world of our purely approximately legally Fictitious Firm.

Let’s start from the bottom primary step of the ladder. The new year resolutions of Rox, Brand manager:

  1. I will always try to stand up for what I believe in, even if it leads to job-loss great some discomfort in my relationship with Loo
  2. Uh, something on MR. I will champion consumer intimacy connect and meet more consumers personally
  3. I will be more sales business friendly go through weekly sales reports
  4. I will spend atleast a day a week month quarter with the R&D team and drive push focus more on discuss innovation
  5. I will increase investment in social media from 3% to 15%  12%  10%  8%  6%  3.5%
  6. I will propose redesignating the brand executive as Junior Brand Manager, and leave Loo with no option but to redesignate me as Senior  (Brand Head or) Head – Brand (sounds cooler!)

Now comes the new year resolutions of L00, Ron’s Boss:

  1. I will speak my mind make my point even if this goes against Dun and not take shit try to influence management decision making
  2. I will spend more time with my team outside of work
  3. I will not insult over-rule Rox in public   try to see Rox’s point of view take 2 long vacations a year
  4. I will not succumb to do knee-jerk any too many brand promotions and do more atleast some thematic investment stuff
  5. I will be friends with civil to the sales head and maybe even visit all some key a few atleast one markets

It so happens, that even Duhmdn, Loo’s boss as made his. He of course happens to be the CEO

  1. I will practice Blue Ocean Strategy (ofcourse after I get round to reading it, but that’s too small to be a new year resolution right?)
  2. I will exploit (that’s seems like a mini political disaster!) go after (Lara feels that sounds too aggressive!) plumb (nice she says 🙂 the bottom of the pyramid
  3. I will invest in the brand (that’ll atleast get Loo off my back)
  4. I will elongate my thinking horizon (wow! how did I come up with that! Brilliant concept!)
  5. I will write a book on Elongate your Mind

The new year resolutions of Fro, the Client Servicing Head in their ad agency

  1. I will be more pro-active in leading contributing to brand strategy thinking
  2. I will push creative for more creative better more effective advertising that makes my client happy delighted
  3. I will not let Loo brow-beat me be more assertive with Ron
  4. I will not weaken in my resolutions even if Ron behaves like an ass-hole will join meditation classes
  5. I will champion evangelize be serious include facebook (there i go again,correct this to) social media as an integral a significant part of communication plan. Reminds me, I will have to make a communication plan.

The new year resolutions of Zen, the strategic planner in the ad agency

  1. I will focus as much on existing clients as I do on new business generation
  2. I will get a deep understanding of   attempt to fully understand get some idea of the client’s business
  3. I will generate leading edge insights on brands I work on  update my CV
  4. I will clarify my role discuss my future with my boss revive my blog
  5. I will be more assertive  try to influence creative strategy  gain the respect of creative apply to a brand consultancy

And ultimately Fro has convinced Loo that come new year, life will never be the same again.

Dun of course never seemed to have any worries about that.