A few weeks in the life of a social media campaign

Social media and all that

It all starts when Jon, a 80 year old consultant casually tosses the idea of marketing on facebook to Bil, who happens to be on of those CEO’s who unfortunately grew up much before facebook launched. Of course Bil is ably supported by new gen brand manager, Rox and the agency headed by Bev. Bev looks and acts as if he was born after 2005, and that gives a lot of reassurance to Bil and Rox. Xes is the creative head of the agency. And yes, creative guys can also age.


Jon: Bil, what is your company doing on Facebook?

Bil: uh.. umm… let me check with my marketing team.


Bil: I think we need to do something on Facebook.

Rox: Ok, let me brief Bev.


Rox: Bev, we need to put up something on Facebook.

Bev: Yeah, high time you woke up to the potential of Social media! Let me talk to our creative head.


Bev: Rox wants to put up something on Facebook.

Xes: So?

Bev: Can you come up with something?

Xes: What’s the brief?

Bev: Ok, let me get back to you on that.


Bil: Rox, what about that thing we were discussing about doing something on facebook?

Rox: I have briefed the agency. Let me check with Bev and get back to you on this one.

Bil: In a jiffy?

Rox: Of course!

Rox: Hi, Bev. Any progress on the facebook brief?

Bev: Yeah, we have had quite a few rounds of discussions on this. Can you send me a written brief? It would help a lot!

Rox: Oh. Ok!


(Line no 15 on the weekly status report sent once a month by Bev to Rox) – Facebook brief – Revert from Client; Status: Pending


Rox: Hi Bev, I’ve just sent you the brief.

Bev: Thanks Rox. I’ll get back to you after passing this through Xes.


Xes: What’s this in my mailbox?

Bev: Oh, that’s the brief from Rox for the Facebook thing.

Xes: Forget the brief. What does he want to say?

Bev: I think he just wants to stay connected with his consumers on facebook.


Bev: What’s this mail you sent to me Xes? It just says Hi.

Xes: That’s for the Facebook post for Rox.

Bev: Xes, I think we can do better.

Xes: Ok, I’ll give it another shot.


Rox: Bev, any progress on the Facebook brief?

Bev: Xes is on the job. Should be able to revert on this soon.

Rox: This is getting really delayed. Can I have a quick revert on this?

Bev: Sure.

Bev: Xes? Xes?


Mail from Bev to Rox: Hi

Rox: What’s this Bev?

Bev: It’s the most logical way for us to engage with our TG. It’s exactly on brief.

Rox: Surely we can do better, Bev!

Bev: Ok, I’ll give it another shot.


Bil: What’s up with the facebook strategy? Its been quite a while since we had that discussion.

Rox: Bev, What’s up with the facebook strategy? Its been quite a while since we had that discussion.

Bev: Xes, Bev, What’s up with the facebook strategy? Its been quite a while since we had that discussion.

Xes: What’s wrong with what I showed you last time? Any more iteration is gonna take a lot of time and is gonna delay more important  deliverables across other clients.

Bev: Xes… (takes a deep breath) Ok, let me see what I can do to push this.

Bev: Rox, we strongly suggest running with saying Hi.

Rox: Oh, whatever, just put it up and give me a heads up when its on.


Mail from Rox to Bil with a link to the Facebook Post

Reply from Bil to Rox: Great. Thanks.


Jon: Bil! Bil! So you were supposed to let me know what you’re doing on facebook!

Bil: Oh Jon, I keep getting these meaningless updates on facebook, but frankly at my age I don’t really understand these new fangled fads. I have left it to my young team and they seem to be doing a great job of it.

Jon: That’s the way, Bil! Care for a drink?