Brands I’ve been with

(A dossier on brands Srinivas has worked on as a brand manager/ brand consultant)

One of the benefits of having your own blog, is that your CV can now read like a portfolio! So here goes, a listing of my work on brands on which me and my team (very little is possible all by yourself in marketing, or anyplace else for that matter) have consistently pushed the bar on breakthrough innovations and clutter-breaking creative. Read on.

TVS Scooty: My second brand that remains my first love. Some highly awarded and celebrated brand work on a bike that allows women to be girls and paint the town pink. The “women’s team” kept coming up with insights and between marketing, design and advertising, we made it happen. It started with Pink Se Panga and culminated in Go Babelicious. The McCann team love working on this brand and it shows. The unique women-on-wheels programme saw the brand reach out and change lives in over 200 towns in India.

TVS Scooty Pep   Babelicious 1

And the 99 Colors campaign, that still remains the most jaw dropping innovation I have worked on. We made it happen! This art by KT Arun (McCann) still rocks after so many years.

TVS Scooty 99 colors

TVS Wego: Another bike, this for couples who hate being boxed inside cars and just love to play.  Idiom came up with the name we all loved and the concept of ‘Body Balance’ that captured the exhaustive list of benefits into a  pithy feature.  BBH’s TV ad for this can still turn heads.

TVS Wego

Clinic Plus Shampoo: This is where it all began! India’s largest shampoo brand’s search for its true strengths led to its rediscovery of an endearing and enduring proposition.

Clinic Plus Shampoo  Clinic Plus

Indian Terrain: An apparel brand that allows Men to mix it up – their way. A brand I continue to work on. Watch this space for some exciting stuff coming up.

Skew Ordinary

Mahindra First Choice:brings your dream cars within your reach. The headlines by Leo Burnett (Mumbai) kind of says it all. One of the early Brandgym projects.

3     First Choice 2

Gone Mad: Everyone loves to goof-off, and the Indonesians with their wild sense of humour loved that. The mad men at Lowe Bangalore took on the Brandgym vision to crazy heights.  Expect to see a lot of interesting action here.

Gone Mad

Panacheworld: A discreet, self-effacing and very very premium travel brand prefers being discovered than do anything too loud to draw attention to themselves. Brandgym came up with the concept of Real Travel that is as much between the ears as between places.


French Loaf: A bakery that bakes cakes with love, for the sheer love of life. A bit like the garrulous, gastronomic Frenchmen.

French Loaf

Osian Chlorophyll: Real Estate can appear pretty staid for a marketer till the concept reads more like a green community than a concrete jungle.

Osian Chlorophyll