The mind of the master

The wise man

Yet another familiar corporate charade between the agency (Lea), the Boss (Bus) and the sidekick (Dun)!

Lea: So that’s our recommendation

Bus: Bah!

Lea: Does that mean you do not agree?

Bus: (Blows out his nose and takes out innumerable vermin that he traps in a waiting tissue and takes his time crushing them mercilessly before  condemning them to death in a trash bin)

Lea: How would you like us to change it?

Bus: Hmff!

Lea: Do you think we could reverse the order of activities?

Bus: Bah!

LEa: Or, we could alter the priorities and…

Bus: Bah!

Lea: Uh, we are a bit lost now. What do you want us to do?

Dun: Let me try to step in and explain. What boss wants is a bottom-up approach that results in a granular strategy where response to everyday contingencies determines the long term strategy. Right, boss?

Bus: Uh..Mmm. (Rubs his beard in an act of absent-minded thought, that then leads on to a close examination of his shirt collar and ends in an angry glare at an arbitrary point in the middle)

Lea: See, all we are saying is… (catches Dun’s eye who motions her to be quiet)

Bus: (looks back from his contemplation of his shirt collar, and lets out an exasperated sigh) Phoo…

Lea: Just tell us what’s in your mind and maybe we can look at a solution.

Bus: Let me try to explain what is on my mind.

(Lea has her pen poised above her note-pad, and Dun sits back without expression)

Bus: Let us start from the beginning. We know what we want to do. And how we should get there. But it is the path that is in question. As we move ahead on a path, we need to be cognizant of the beginning and the end, or as I would like to put it, where we came from and where we are headed. As I move forward, I want the confidence that the forward direction is what we think is the forward direction and is not in fact a reverse direction that appears to be the forward direction, depending upon where we are looking. Now what I want to stress upon you is the importance of where we are looking and its impact on where we think we are headed. In fact, my problem with our strategies has always been a fundamental disconnect on where we are starting from and where we are headed and the general direction in which we think we are moving in relation to the direction the market is taking. If you were to look at all your recommendations and factor in the various factors that I have laid out and other that I must have missed out then I think we will have a much clearer picture of the task before us before we recommend something that seems intuitively right but can be proven wrong by some degree of detailed analysis. Got it?

Lea: (Coming out of a sort of trance a trance, pen and hand limp after a brief and aborted attempt at capturing the fountain of loquacity)

Lea: (Looks at Dun, who smiles without mirth)

Bus: (Continues giving a piercing look to Lea with an almost compassionate Buddha-smile that is willing to wait for as long as lesser souls would take to understand him)

Lea: (eager to measure up) Sir, I totally understand and appreciate what you are trying to communicate. So, uh, what would you like us to do now as immediate next steps?

Bus: (flicks a glance to Dun, who springs up)

Dun: Let me take that on! Lea, come, we’ll discuss that.

Lea: (almost bows and exits Bus’s room)