The fine art of ‘adding value’


It typically begins as an attempt to impose your presence on something that can get by very well without you.

Old women used to call it poking your nose, but shoving your backside is more like it in business.

When you poke your nose, all you can do is sniff about. Shoving your backside allows you the satisfaction of letting off a lot of air where it can do maximum damage and etch yourself in the audience’s memory for as long as they can remember your face.

The sensitive and the faint-hearted would obviously worry about the negative impact of raising a stink, which is why they find it very difficult to register their presence in a crowd.

High school bullies get this best, as they know that nothing works as well at cowing down the meek as the threat of extreme unpleasantness.

Of course, there are many more things to learn while graduating from bullying kids in school to adding value in business meetings.

A high class education that allows you to hold forth on a range of topics and a certain degree of refinement in manners is very important to disarm the audience into attributing higher order motives to your craving for more attention.

But just ensure that you never get seduced by nobler ideals and do anything more than just ‘value-add’;  before you realize it, you could get drawn into deeper levels of engagement which will severely restrict your ability to mark a larger olfactory territory.