Why is it so hard to go social??

So hard to be social

Mart: Hey why’re you looking so down and out?

Fart: I decided to get social today

Mart: That’s so unlike you! You have always kept pretty much to yourself.

Fart: That’s not true. I speak to a lot of people, all the time.

Mart: Ok, but mostly its to people who have no other option but to listen to you, like your subordinates.

Fart: (Sniff)

Mart: So what did you do? What’s made you so miserable?

Fart: I got up today and said I’ll get social. So I called up an old friend.

Mart: And?

Fart: And, what? That &%##@ didn’t want to meet as he had fixed up something else with some other friends.

Mart: I wouldn’t expect that from a friend! Were you close to him?

Fart: Of course! We were buddies at college, though I hadn’t called him after I got married.

Mart: Oh. So what did you do next?

Fart: I sent everyone on my gmail contact list a mail calling them home for a party.

Mart: That sounds like fun! So what happened?

Fart: 12 got back saying they were going somewhere else. 4 said they’ll drop in but didn’t. One guy alone turned up, and that was my secretary. As it is, I find him quite insufferable at work, and here I was, entertaining him at home over two hours!

Mart: That must have been tough!

Fart: Yeah… (Gulp) (Sniff) (Gulp)

Mart: So what did you do then?

Fart: I thought I’d just walk into a party. My son was called over to a birthday party, and I decided to make the most of it.

Mart: That must have been fun! Spending time with kids isn’t such a bad thing… How was the experience there?

Fart: Oh, I kinda hung around for a few minutes, got impatient and felt sort of ignored. So I thought I would entertain the kids with some jokes.

Mart: That’s so cool! Am sure you must have been the toast of the party.

Fart: Not exactly. Apparently the kids found my session terrible and complained to the hosts. I was asked to stop after 3 jokes, and eased off the stage. I couldn’t bear to stay after that so I left.

Mart: Ha ha! I can imagine that. You were never known for your sense of humour anyway. Whatever gave you the idea that you could just transform overnight into a stand up comic?!!

Fart: (Sniff) (Gulp) (Gulp) (Sniff) (Gulp)

Mart: Then, I’m sure you didn’t give up! You are the ‘never-say-die-man’ anyway!

Fart: I then realized that all the action is maybe happening on facebook. So I came back home and logged on to FB.

Mart: Aah. That always helps to be in touch…

Fart: A fat lot of good it did to me!

Mart: Why?

Fart: I just saw all my friends having so much fun, putting up cool stuff, making smart comments and living it up. If anything, it made me feel even more miserable. I swear I’m going to never open facebook again.

(Bangs his glass on the table and breaks it)

Fart: Everyone seems to be doing it, so why should it be so hard for me?!

Mart: Maybe just hire a consultant, I mean a counselor.

Fart has a gleam in his eye as if that’s the elusive answer.