Why bother about Content if…


Why bother about content if…

… Content still means that page you use to navigate through books

… You think social media is a fad that is bound to pass

… You can’t find anything exciting to talk about the products and services your brand offers

… You still believes that creativity is an advertising deliverable

… the most exciting event in your company is employee birthday parties and award functions

… Writing anything other than meeting minutes, stinkers and appraisal reports seems like a waste of your precious time

… The idea of deeper understanding of your technology daunts you

… You believe your consumers are morons who have low ability to process information and can’t be trusted to decide for themselves

… Your SLR is meant only for capturing family get-togethers and baby pictures

… You have a lot of money to blow up on television ads

… You haven’t read what bloggers like Tara Hunt have to say on marketing

… You are the sort who thinks word of mouth can be best influenced by offering referral schemes to existing customers

… The only person who is authorised to speak to outsiders is your CEO

… The only person who is authorised to communicate to outsiders is your Public Relations department

… your idea of presentable good looks is a lot of make-up, Hair dye, hiding puffy eyes behind dark glasses and a strong perfume

… You think Viral videos can be scripted by copywriters

… You plan to do it next year anyway