Yaake* Risk-u?

You know you’ve come up the hard way. You’ve come up far beyond where you thought you could. You’ve come up so high that the risk of failure is higher than any forseeable return. There are some smart people out there who could risk upsetting your dollar-cart. You could be under pressure to take decisions that you would have to stand up for. Now is not the time for foolhardy actions. You need to hang on to where you’ve reached rather than throw it all away for some creative fancy. Now’s the time to be careful like never before.

Here goes the goldren rules for risk avoidance:

Never make the first move

Ask for a second opinion and then another, and check back with the first. Then repeat

Question everything, question everyone

Ask for proof. Disprove the proof and ask for fresh proof.

Paralyze action by throwing numbers at the creative guys and abstract concepts at the number-savvy.

Data is god. Take refuge in god.

Take baby steps with the audacity of the first men on moon. Why can’t baby steps you take be giant steps for mankind?

Place accountability of every decision on someone – else

Practice stroking your chin and looking thoughtful in front of a mirror

Learn the art of distracting by digression (DbD) when the group you are leading seems to be moving in any specific direction

Shift potential risk-takers in your organization to a job they have no clue about; and sack them after they make their first mistake

Learn to talk about innovation for as long as it takes potential innovators to lose interest in innovation

Hire a creative agency and kill their creative spirit by grinding their noses in dust. Then look out for fresh kill. There are many on the loose.

Or appear tough like the guy in the picture

Yaake Risk-u

(Yaake in Kannada means “Why-the-fuck?”)

Nobody messes with you when you have nothing to gain