The never ending charade

The advertising agency submits the creative. And the client is supposed to revert. And they talk. They call this creative feedback.



This is regarding the layout you sent.

(Yawn) Yeah

I would like to make the logo bigger


Also something that says new, but in a new style – in a way thats never been said before


And something that draws attention to the new, maybe like a box, or something

Yea, right

We also need to make it more modern


And cool

Of course

Without making it frivolous, you get what I mean?

uh.. uh…

The product needs to also be more appealing, like can we say Drool Drool around it?

Oh sure

Btw, just wanted your view – do you think we can hold our own against the coolest international brands

Yeah, why not

Overall, a youthful brand with ageless appeal

Of course

We need to marry a very premium look with strong value for money cues


After all it should also appeal to the masses, who are quite poor, and scrounge around for every penny to be able to buy us

I get it

I’d like you to go for a Cannes Gold here, maan! We should be doing award winning stuff

You are so kind, sir.

The client never saw the creative guy again

Creative feedback