The personal vision of a vainglorious patriarch

Our restaurant is called His Master’s Choice

It was about to be called His Excellency’s Labour of Love

Bucky preferred the former.

We do not add any sugar to our dishes

Or salt

We make our food bland

But with a distinct Caribbean flavour

We are 100% vegetarian

We use only organic produce in our kitchen

We buy all our spices from Ms.Martin’s farm

All our dishes have exotic foreign names

Our walls are covered with super-hero pictures from the 70s

Our owner eats here

Mostly it’s only him

We are open for business

And we are up for sale.

Our owner – a staunch vegetarian from the West Indies with an intolerance for salt and spice,  lives with his mistress Ms.Martin who is a crusader for all things organic . Having been denied a proper education in his childhood, he has an eternal fascination for foreign tongues. Bucky, his son is a serious action-comic buff, and helps him run the hotel and manages to dispose of most of the left-overs.

An owner's vision