What I believe: The Innovator’s Creed

Here are the rules of the road for innovation. Here’s what I remind myself everyday. Here’s what I would put up on my bathroom mirror (if my wife would allow). Here’s what I believe. Here’s what I try to live life by.

Everyone has ideas. A few have the audacity to act upon them.

An idea on the ground is worth ten in the head.

Any idea can seem bad if there is no clear way to make it happen.

Finding a way to make an idea happen is a bigger idea.

If everyone backs your idea at the start, maybe it’s not really there, yet.

If everyone is opposed to your idea after you’ve had your say, maybe it’s not there, either.

It takes a brave mind to enter unchartered waters, it takes a tough heart to stay the course.

Ideas are like stone and the will is like water. The will shapes ideas, even as water shapes the stone.

If you’ve ever been seized by an idea, you’ll know the fluttering feeling in your gut.

The temptation to get by without ideas builds lazy muscles that harden over time.

Let the idea possess you.

The Innovator's Creed