There is more to brand engagement than just Yeff-Bee

Social Media

You know what’s Yeff-Bee, right? If I use the proper name to address the Big-Bro, you might not even get to see this post where you are seeing it now. That’s the power of Yeff-Bee’s algorithms. One wrong word about them and you are pretty much blanked out of half of the virtual world (which is virtually the real world now). And now the other half-too, if you go by the recent news about the Big-Bro getting closer to the other (even more draconian) spy-master.

So while all brands are tumbling over each other building fan-bases on Yeff-Bee, and trying hard to make friends with face-less strangers it’s possibly a good time to compare this with the humbler sounding CRM program that has traditionally been used to purchase Loyalty by tossing a few freebies and discounts to ‘registered users’. Yeff-Bee was smarter to call them ‘fans’ and we all fell for it.

So here’s how the comparison stacks up:

  1. The ‘Registered users of CRM’ sounds like a boring bunch of people but they’ve taken the trouble of buying you. Yeff-Bee fans are possibly under-age kids who take perverse delight in liking hundreds of pages – if they are real, that is. The last time I posted about this on Yeff-Bee, I had the vague feeling that most of my posts over the next few months were never shown to anyone. Big-bro can do that if he smells trouble.
  2. Tying up online engagement to offline walk-ins and sales is a lot more effective when we are talking to real customers, with whom we have real relationships. Otherwise doing this on Yeff-Bee is as good as going out in the street in a strange neighborhood and asking people home for dinner – someone might still come, but you know how it is then.
  3. I have heard whispers about how Yeff-Bee keeps a watch on people who are ‘buying’ fans. Once you start buying, they ensure you can’t ever stop. Their insights would make you feel like a social outcast who nobody wants to be friends with, whom nobody feels like talking to. Of course, you pay the Big-bro again and he can make things happen for you all over again. Happiness and a feeling of warm-glow guaranteed! Needless to say, a loyalty program run by you doesn’t hold you to ransom like that. You are the master there.
  4. Agreed, Big-bro has the best designed party places in town. Beautifully designed town-squares and discos and clubs where everybody seems cheerful, young and sexually potent. On the contrary ‘Registered users on CRM’ sounds like has-beens who are a liability to you and who keep begging you for more freebies. Believe it or not, you can create a social space that is as attractive as Yeff-Bee, and you can help the RUOCRM get a ‘face’. You can enable a social interface that engenders meaningful conversations there too.
  5. Fans of Yeff-Bee can reach stratospheric levels that the brand can never hope to reach in real time. There is a brand called Coco-berry (it’s an Indian brand Yay! search this on Yeff-Bee) that has 2 million fans and claims to be the world’s most loved yoghurt brand. Getting ten percent of the numbers to sign up for a loyalty program involves a lot more of hard work.

What would you do in the face of this argument? Send in your views, but just be careful coz Big-bro and his other powerful friend have now joined hands and are gonna be very pissed if such subversive conversations are happening in their backyard – which is pretty much where we all live now.