Buy me baby!

“Buy me!”

Ok, let me stand up on a flag-pole and shout “Buy Me”!

Would it help if I told you how many people have bought me?

Ok, shall I get a celebrity to tell you “Buy Me”!

Buy me and I’ll give you another ME free!

“Buy me at a discount”

“Buy me and get some junk free”. FREE!

“Take me home for a free trial and pay me only if you use me”

“Buy me. If you hate me so much, send me back”

“Ok, atleast look at me and tell me why you won’t buy me.”

“See every part of me I choose to highlight is better than the other jerk. So why do’t you buy me, eh?”

“Just have a look, atleast, na?”

“Ok, if you buy me, and refer me to a friend, you can get some freebie-junk”

“Say why you love me (even if you don’t) and you might even get me free!” Just fill-up a form dammit!

“Buy me and win a chance to go to the moon!” T&C apply.

“Don’t go by what other say! Try me for yourself!”

“I might look horrible, but I taste great!”

“I’m different now. My packaging’s changed!”

“Atleast like me on facebook!”

Buy me Baby

“Would it help if I dressed young, and say Buy Me – BABY, and do a Harlem shake?”