Client relationship tips only ad agencies know

These tips are the stuff of legend (like everything else about advertising)

1. Look the part. No one’s gonna hire an ad guy who’s dressed like a lawyer. Or a lawyer who’s looks like an ad guy, for that matter.


2. Keep them panting with envy. Trends change (yeah). When clients start aping your style, change your wardrobe.


3. Move around in circles clients can’t – without risk of being sacked or divorced. Build myths around who you hang out with.


4. Laugh every time clients try to joke. Don’t be a smart-ass and repartee. They never forgive intellectual transgressions.


5. Never let on what a party you’re having at the office. Always act busy. Let clients know re-work is gonna take a L O T of time.


This is just a beginning. If you know a few more, do share so all can learn.