The best of Contralens: 2012-2013


What rock musicians do when they run dry of new song ideas?

They release the their Greatest Hits collections and buy time

So here goes the biggest hits from Contralens from the last 2 years

#10. If you meet a consultant on the road, kill him – is about choosing the right consultant for your business (or rather, personal needs)

#9. How to write an effective design brief – these are guaranteed to make the designer jump out of the window, really quick

#8. Yaake Risku? – documents some safe ways to avoid risk, for the pleasure loving

#7. The never ending charade – the classic PWC (Pigs with check-books) script plays out here

#6. The CEO’s announcement about impending change – if you have lived through organization change, you’ll identify with the tone of impending doom

#5. Bad habits that keep you from getting a great insight – my cartoons make up for the rather excessive postulating here

#4. WTF are you reading Mr.Brand Manager? – carefully chosen from as disparate topics as possible, to ensure that nobody except me could have read more than 3 from the list of 10

#3. 50 ways to kill your brand before your competition can – My all-time favourite, with the best chances of becoming my first book

#2. What is the big deal about an insight anyway – Insights on insight, another pet topic

#1. Graphic Primer on Archetypes – The most viewed blog of mine, possibly because of the original cartoons that say it far more effectively  than the words ever can

Read these while I type out the next one