Why acquiring fans is a bit like collecting pebbles

A few years back, if you had fans on EFFBEE, you could be pardoned for assuming that the fans become a free audience for any message that you might want to give them. That was possibly true till EFFBEE restricted the reach of any brand post to a miniscule percentage of the brand’s fan-base. If you want to reach more fans, you need to BOOST the post. That means spending money to reach folks. Which seems more like advertising than ‘social’ media.

A few years back, we all believed EFFBEE offered brands a chance to ‘engage’ with real people. Many a painstaking post later, we realize that most of the comments are either inarticulate grunts of scant intelligence or desperate attempts by brand stakeholders to drum up their own brand. And who’s listening? Not real people. How can a chap who ‘likes’ 100 brands be real?

In our innocence, we believed that the fans on a brand page was an indication of the love and following a brand commands. A few years back, we thought that the number of fans on a brand’s page was probably an indication of the smartness of their marketing teams. Now we know that the number of fans on a brand’s page is more an indication of the smartness of EFFBEE’s sales tactics and the willingness of brand teams to fall for that.

Which is why acquiring fans on EFFBEE seems more like collecting pebbles or some other such pointless endeavour.

This of course doesnt reduce the importance of EFFBEE in a brand’s marketing mix. Just recognize it for what it has become – a powerful media to advertise (rather than mistake it for something that is holier or cheaper).

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