Brands I’ve been with: 2014

Here is a listing of some of the work done by brands I’ve been with in 2014.

Bluestone:  A contemporary online jewellery brand that is out to redefine the way jewellery is made, bought and sold. A brand that understands the incredible romance that a jewel can spark in a relaionship. Anil Thomas, McCann debuts as a director.


YLG Salons: A salon chain that talks to women about beauty without falling prey to cliche’. Picture1


  Indian Terrain: a cool home-grown apparel brand. A clothing brand for real men. The Man-Mantra for AW 2014 as created by WhyAxis.


IT Thanjavur Launch ad w16 x h25-02


BabyOye: A brand makeover by Ether Design for an expert portal that curates products and apparel for children – for parents who care.  And a slew of brands that let kids, eat, sleep, play and just be!    babyoye-logo-newsite

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  Jigsaw Academy:  They’re out to transform the careers of math-oriented geeks with the power of Analytics training. High time, the Geeks ‘did a number’! Some cool creatives by WhyAxis, again! Picture2 Picture3 Picture1  There ends the list of brands Srinivas has worked with as a brand consultant in 2014!