The Evil that Men Do

Notice when he leaves home

When he comes back

Who he is with

And when

Strike up a conversation with him

Never tell him why

Tease out his secrets

And melt away

Notice what he eats

When he eats

Find out what he likes eating

Find out who makes the food

Observe the family

What makes them come together

What rips them apart

Read his diary

Eavesdrop on his conversations

Spy on him online

Find out who he has called

What he spoke

Whom does he trust

And who can be bought

Find out how much money he earns

How much he keeps

Find out where the money is kept

Lay a bait

And watch what he falls for

Hack his credit card details

Then do what has to be done

Like sell stuff to him

There is so much worse one can do than marketing

Just that marketing’s no saint either