Every name ain’t a brand

Just because someone has given a name to a product doesn’t been they have a brand. In this maddening sea of wannabe brands, how does one spot a real brand?

In a merciless world obsessed by saving cost, a brand is what they would pay more for

In a lazy world where consumers want everything easier, a brand is what they would go to some trouble for

In an impatient world obsessed by saving time, a brand is what they wouldn’t mind waiting for


In a narcissist world obsessed by self aggrandizement, a brand is what they would flaunt in place of their own ego

In a copy-paste world where everything can be copied or stolen, a brand is what others can never imitate

In a throwaway world where repair and maintenance are seen as passe, a brand is what is lovingly cared for

In a shallow world where superficial knowledge is seen as enough, a brand is deeply studied and discussed

In a fawning world where everybody hankers to fall in line, a brand is what has the courage to tread a braver path

In an angry world where tempers rise for even trivial transgressions, a brand is what is always absolved

In an ill-mannered world that has scant respect for anything, a brand is what they defer to in awe

In a cynical world where nothing can be taken at face value, a brand is what is seen as unimpeachably pure

Which is why in a gloomy business scenario, a brand is what offers a ray of hope.

Trump the brand