Brands I’ve been with: 2015

Here’s a listing of some of the work on brands I’ve been with in 2015


Bluestone is a cosmopolitan jewellery brand that sees the need for jewellery as a cry for romance. Some of the cool collections from the design team with never-before sorta’ advertising by Ralph&Das

valentine ad


Akshaya Thrutiya ad

Vinay Diddee of Little Latitude lovingly captured the way they make jewellery at Bluestone

Anil Thomas directed this luscious ad film like only he does


This is what happens when a team with spunk takes on a dated category that’s full of cliche’s. Every rule in the book is broken by a brand that is out to engage with a new generation that’s continuously flirting with risk. The work by BBH shows us just why they are so cool


Mom & Me / BabyOye

Mahindra’s takeover of BabyOye led to a merger with the ‘mother’ brand and the birth of an exciting new omni-channel brand. A distinctive new identity was created by Ether design with some advertising by Bates, characteristic lens work by Tarun.

BO change 2

2015-10-03 17.13.41


And of course the memorable films by Anil of Ralph&Das and Meena of Bombay Diaries


A new agebrand with soul – that believes that the people behind various services are what lends each city its unique ethos. Every video captures yet another facet of the people that makes these cities worth living in, and worth caring for


A short stint in partnership with Niranjan from WhyAxis began to explore ‘What happens in Transit’



And that sums up the works on brands done by Srinivas for the year. Referring to oneself in third person is partly influenced by Norman Mailer’s style of writing as well as a nod to the way SEO possibly works. Srinivas, the brand consultant, in case I missed that. Maybe just for another year, we still got to play by the rules of Google. Maybe after that, something might change.