The ultimate guide to viral videos

There comes a point in time when every self respecting creative professional is charged with his failure to do a viral video. Fear not. Just pick an idea from this ready reckoner and you’re good to go. These seemmingly simple instructions are carefully culled out from a lifetime (lifetime of the internet, that is) of studying videos that happen to go viral. Here goes the list…

You can start by showing babies

Or atleast make grown-ups act childish

Make people do something mad

Or atleast do something silly (like jump off a building dressed in briefs)

Get naked

Or atleast engineer a wardrobe malfunction

Say something sacrilegious (this could even win a presidential nomination)

Or atleast let loose a stream of expletives

Cast a celebrity

Or atleast cast a pornstar (even if it’s only for an anti-smiking ad)

Show real life violence

Or atleast be angry

Pull a prank on an unsuspecting bloke

Or atleast trip someone over

Make a good-looking bad singer sing (they can even be a bad looking good tamil actor)

Or atleast a leaden-footed good singer dance (even Koreans will do)

Plant a hidden cam in the women’s loo

Or atleast show a pretty woman digging her nose

Capture important people behaving inappropriately (like watching porn in the parliament)

Or atleast snap them snoring

Show smart looking people making a fool of themselves

Or atleast make a beauty contestant answer a question on global politics

Capture the ignoble decline of an honourable man

Or atleast get him punch drunk

Leak a private video meant only for the mirror to see

Or atleast shut people up in a room and watch them slowly go mad (this can even extend over several episodes)

And so on it goes….

Viral Video Tips






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