5 things marketers can stop doing right now


There are some ideas that seem like they just dropped out of heaven. And then everybody does it so much that it’s soon only the wannabe laggards who are doing it. So here’s my list of 5 things we should just stop doing – like, right NOW!

Oh-so-fake Fake Emo-style testimonials

Having realistic looking articulate guys speaking in a sort of reflective tone about why using a certain product was the closest they came to a spiritual experience,  interspersed  with out of focus shots of happy families set to the sounds of birds chirping far away and stuff like that seemed so fresh when we were still babes in the woods on social media. Not any more.

Here’s a new one doing the rounds from Volkswagen


Gushing, Mushy posts on ‘XYZ’ days

Mother’s day, Father’s day, Women’s day, November, CHildren’s Day, World Autism day, Yoga Day, …. and the list is endless. They might have been created with some noble end in mind. Till the marketers land up with their gushing, mushy posts. And nothing is too much of a stretch for brands that want to fit in – to every occasion.

Like these posts from jewellery companies who all want to deck dads in fine jewellery


Candid serial confessions

Ok, when Dove did it we really thought the women were overcome by real emotion. But then you realise it’s just pairing EMO-style testimonials with a mushy occasion in a staged set. The real heroes (invariably dads this week) are supposed to look all timid and reserved till they get a warm endorsement by the unfeeling ‘others’.



Mind Boggling! Mid-Season Sales

We all realise brands need to offload stock, but atleast spare a thought for the poor blokes who would have possibly just stocked up on things they never needed –  just a few weeks back. Just give them  breather. Next time you worry about lower spikes on end of season sales, please be sure to blame this sneaky villain.


and finally, the most ludicrous of them all

Meaningless Selfie-contests

Even after selfie’s have been declared as a form of insanity, brands refuse to give up the hope that some cool fellas somewhere will discover the brand, buy it, wear it and click himself and share the pic and tag his friends and make the brand go viral. Given that it’s the father’s day season, everyone has to click themselves with their dads and post it somewhere and win something.


This list is less to make fun of what others are doing. But more to sound a note of caution to ourselves as there is a fine line between riding a trend and copying and finally falling into a cliche’.




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