Hallelujah! Exult the day you quit a global brand!


The sheer joy and freedom of quitting a global brand!

And working for an empowered local brand.

No more matrix structures!

No more global brand dictators!

No more lofty sounding brand manuals – that restrict local creativity

No more need to write, and present creative briefs to anyone other than the boss you can share a drink with!

No more boringly tight creative guidelines that never ever allow for your ebullient, exuberant, effervescent, effulgent creativity to shine through, bubble over, …. (sorry, I got carried away there, you see)

No more the need to treat advertising agency with kid gloves, lest they flout global decency norms!

No more the need to stick on one agency for any longer than your ambition and patience can tolerate them!

No more fear to sign up your favourite local heroine just because of some ridiculous imagery guidelines!

No more holding back on sales, SALES, BIGGER FONTS, BOLDER COLORS!

No more making business subservient to Brands!

No more slowing down!

No more masters!

No more discipline!

No more processes!

No more disrespect to stock imagery that you can yourself source!

No more frowning down upon smart-ass lines that you can come up with!

No more being a brick in the wall!

No more brands the way we know them!

No more brands, really.