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What happens when consumer get smarter than brands?

The power gap between brands and consumer is reducing More kids can churn out content that is smarter than the brand establishment More consumers want to become entrepreneurs More pop-psychologists and pop-economists are… Continue reading

Brands I’ve been with: 2016

Here’s a listing of some of the work done on brands I have been with in 2016. BBH continued to make some really cool ads on Coverfox – insurance that’s faster than disaster.… Continue reading

The old dog has run out of new tricks: The end of brand building as we knew it

OK, this obituary is a long time coming There are signs everywhere that everything we learnt and knew about brand building and all its allied disciplines of advertising, market research, promotions, media, sponsorships… Continue reading

Lies, damn lies and analytics

Analytics is the new god of the information age There could be nothing cleaner, purer and more truthful than analytics, as it descends from that holy science of mathematics. Unlike language and humanities… Continue reading

Every name ain’t a brand

Just because someone has given a name to a product doesn’t been they have a brand. In this maddening sea of wannabe brands, how does one spot a real brand? In a merciless… Continue reading

The elusive quest

The quest for the insight is what drives the researcher to the subject The endless questions, as he probes and probes The subject struggles to measure up to the researcher’s zeal She tells… Continue reading

Why acquiring fans is a bit like collecting pebbles

A few years back, if you had fans on EFFBEE, you could be pardoned for assuming that the fans become a free audience for any message that you might want to give them.… Continue reading

The Hum Haw Brief

Great advertising happens when creative agencies jam with passionate brand owners teasing out interesting stories around the brand. This is how these conversaions typically go… Agency: Does your product work better than competition?… Continue reading

The best of Contralens: 2012-2013

What rock musicians do when they run dry of new song ideas? They release the their Greatest Hits collections and buy time So here goes the biggest hits from Contralens from the last… Continue reading

The black art of Branding

Lets never forget for a moment that branding is just a modern version of the black arts that works at the dark depths of the barely understood, sub-conscious mind, lulling the customer with… Continue reading