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W.T.F. are you reading Mr.Brand Manager?

We all know what books brand guys are supposed to read, right? Philip Kotler and the likes.  David Ogilvy.  Ries and Trout. Martin Lindstorm, Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink. Or all those stories… Continue reading

Internet Horror – The not so apparent impact of the net on our brains, selves, and personal freedom

For all you lovers of horror fiction and doomsday predictions, check out what the genre can become in the space of non-fiction.  Once you read these books, you will never approach browsing and… Continue reading

Thank you Andre

Thank you for writing about your life so openly, that it feels like I have personally lived through your life and learned in a few days what it took you a lifetime to… Continue reading

Two books on the effects of immigrants on urban culture

Arrival City (by Doug Sanders)  is a study of the effects of migration on urban culture. I haven’t yet got around to reading it although I have got myself a copy. That was… Continue reading