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The emerging language of truth in a fake world

Fake is big now. Fake is the rule. Everything can be safely assumed to be fake these days. Particularly when it comes to public messaging. Not just ads. They always were fake. Just… Continue reading

9 ways to survive in business without knowing anything about UX

If you know there is this thing called UX you might find this piece mildly amusing. If you had no idea about UX, you might actually find this blog useful. Stay away from… Continue reading

What happens when consumer get smarter than brands?

The power gap between brands and consumer is reducing More kids can churn out content that is smarter than the brand establishment More consumers want to become entrepreneurs More pop-psychologists and pop-economists are… Continue reading

Is advertising ready for the coming age?

There is a crisis in advertising. And it’s not about the rise of new media and all that nonsense. The crisis in advertising is a creative crisis. And the crisis is not about… Continue reading

The art of resurrection: How to kick your blog back to life

There comes a time (every so often) in our lives when what we started with so much enthusiasm and good intent peters to a lustless meandering phase. This is the time when the… Continue reading

Hallelujah! Exult the day you quit a global brand!

Oh! The sheer joy and freedom of quitting a global brand! And working for an empowered local brand. No more matrix structures! No more global brand dictators! No more lofty sounding brand manuals… Continue reading

5 things marketers can stop doing right now

There is a fine line between riding a trend and copying others and falling into a cliche’

The ultimate guide to viral videos

There comes a point in time when every self respecting creative professional is charged with his failure to do a viral video. Fear not. Just pick an idea from this ready reckoner and… Continue reading

Every name ain’t a brand

Just because someone has given a name to a product doesn’t been they have a brand. In this maddening sea of wannabe brands, how does one spot a real brand? In a merciless… Continue reading

The Evil that Men Do

Notice when he leaves home When he comes back Who he is with And when Strike up a conversation with him Never tell him why Tease out his secrets And melt away Notice… Continue reading