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Bareilly ki Barfi and the power of collective embarrassment

In case you haven’t seen this absolute cracker of a movie called Bareilly ki Barfi, It’s a movie about a typical small town in India About girls and boys and their parents and… Continue reading

Defining a Semiotician – by elimination

If you see a dress at a store and feel like buying it you are a CONSUMER If you see a dress at a store and make a note to buy this when… Continue reading

The sounds at a cafe’: Brains on fire

Just having a coffee at Starbucks and catching the vibes around with Matt Murdock-like heightened senses. And this is what I hear. A feverish pitch by a start-up founder to a potential investor.… Continue reading

The Animal Farm goes to War: A Cautionary Tale

The animal farm’s going to war and the the Pig’s the general. He asserted his right to lead, and in the absence of any more ferocious animal at the farm, it was accepted.… Continue reading

The apple of his eye

Disclaimer: All characters are purely fictional. Gender is interchangeable, but since there is a moment of sudden physical violence, the perpetrator (rather than the victim) of the act has been kept as a… Continue reading

The Hum Haw Brief

Great advertising happens when creative agencies jam with passionate brand owners teasing out interesting stories around the brand. This is how these conversaions typically go… Agency: Does your product work better than competition?… Continue reading

The indefatigable salesman

Some stories beg to be told Persistence pays.

Buy me baby!

“Buy me!” Ok, let me stand up on a flag-pole and shout “Buy Me”! Would it help if I told you how many people have bought me? Ok, shall I get a celebrity… Continue reading

The elusive Joe and the three idiots

Here’s the story of business in a nutshell. How all the functions in an organization work as a seamless whole attracting those elusive customers. A sneak peek into the hallowed world of marketing,… Continue reading

The personal vision of a vainglorious patriarch

Our restaurant is called His Master’s Choice It was about to be called His Excellency’s Labour of Love Bucky preferred the former. We do not add any sugar to our dishes Or salt… Continue reading