Brands I’ve been with: 2016

Here’s a listing of some of the work done on brands I have been with in 2016. BBH continued to make some really cool ads on Coverfox – insurance that’s faster than disaster.… Continue reading

Hallelujah! Exult the day you quit a global brand!

Oh! The sheer joy and freedom of quitting a global brand! And working for an empowered local brand. No more matrix structures! No more global brand dictators! No more lofty sounding brand manuals… Continue reading

The old dog has run out of new tricks: The end of brand building as we knew it

OK, this obituary is a long time coming There are signs everywhere that everything we learnt and knew about brand building and all its allied disciplines of advertising, market research, promotions, media, sponsorships… Continue reading

5 things marketers can stop doing right now

There is a fine line between riding a trend and copying others and falling into a cliche’

The ultimate guide to viral videos

There comes a point in time when every self respecting creative professional is charged with his failure to do a viral video. Fear not. Just pick an idea from this ready reckoner and… Continue reading

Coverfox cuts to the chase

When the message is about speed, it’s best said quickly. That’s all. A breezy campaign from Russel, Ajmal and team at BBH.      

Fear of God: The future of fashion branding?

It needed a new kid in the block to show up that Fashion brands can be more than just quality clothing Or Good looks Or even a certain kind of look Or just… Continue reading

Lies, damn lies and analytics

Analytics is the new god of the information age There could be nothing cleaner, purer and more truthful than analytics, as it descends from that holy science of mathematics. Unlike language and humanities… Continue reading

Brands I’ve been with: 2015

Here’s a listing of some of the work on brands I’ve been with in 2015 Bluestone Bluestone is a cosmopolitan jewellery brand that sees the need for jewellery as a cry for romance.… Continue reading

Every name ain’t a brand

Just because someone has given a name to a product doesn’t been they have a brand. In this maddening sea of wannabe brands, how does one spot a real brand? In a merciless… Continue reading