The Hum Haw Brief

Great advertising happens when creative agencies jam with passionate brand owners teasing out interesting stories around the brand. This is how these conversaions typically go… Agency: Does your product work better than competition?… Continue reading

The best of Contralens: 2012-2013

What rock musicians do when they run dry of new song ideas? They release the their Greatest Hits collections and buy time So here goes the biggest hits from Contralens from the last… Continue reading

The indefatigable salesman

Some stories beg to be told Persistence pays.

Client relationship tips only ad agencies know

These tips are the stuff of legend (like everything else about advertising) 1. Look the part. No one’s gonna hire an ad guy who’s dressed like a lawyer. Or a lawyer who’s looks… Continue reading

Brands I’ve been with: 2013 Ed

Here is a listing of some of the work on the brands I’ve been on last year. Mahindra First Choice – India’s leading used-car seller, believes a ‘second-hand’ car buyer is not a… Continue reading

Buy me baby!

“Buy me!” Ok, let me stand up on a flag-pole and shout “Buy Me”! Would it help if I told you how many people have bought me? Ok, shall I get a celebrity… Continue reading

The black art of Branding

Lets never forget for a moment that branding is just a modern version of the black arts that works at the dark depths of the barely understood, sub-conscious mind, lulling the customer with… Continue reading

The tuneless ballad of the Man Alone

He sits alone in a dark room. Hitting the refresh button on gmail, waiting for new mails to come in. Ever since gmail separated the promo mails and spam, the inbox aches for… Continue reading

If you meet a consultant on the road, kill him

The title is a close adaptaion of a popular psychotherapy book from the seventies. But that sentiment pretty much sums up the attitude most of us have towards that hallowed tribe. But all… Continue reading

Shocking truths about advertising, now

Back then, advertising was a necessary intrusion into daily life Now, advertising is a pest that softwares are trained to nix Back then, advertising was a creative tool that could generate sales Now,… Continue reading