There is more to brand engagement than just Yeff-Bee

You know what’s Yeff-Bee, right? If I use the proper name to address the Big-Bro, you might not even get to see this post where you are seeing it now. That’s the power… Continue reading

The Full-bladder Empty-mind paradox

Communication doesn’t always work the way we intend it to. Consider the case of the door to the men’s loo. The problem is that if you push the door, you risk banging the… Continue reading

Brands I work on: Indian Terrain Autumn-Winter campaign

Indian Terrain’s latest campaign for the autumn-winter season exhorts men to kill gentle. JWT and Tarunn get together again to create some stunning imagery.

The elusive Joe and the three idiots

Here’s the story of business in a nutshell. How all the functions in an organization work as a seamless whole attracting those elusive customers. A sneak peek into the hallowed world of marketing,… Continue reading

What I believe: The Innovator’s Creed

Here are the rules of the road for innovation. Here’s what I remind myself everyday. Here’s what I would put up on my bathroom mirror (if my wife would allow). Here’s what I… Continue reading

The personal vision of a vainglorious patriarch

Our restaurant is called His Master’s Choice It was about to be called His Excellency’s Labour of Love Bucky preferred the former. We do not add any sugar to our dishes Or salt… Continue reading

The never ending charade

The advertising agency submits the creative. And the client is supposed to revert. And they talk. They call this creative feedback. Hello. Hello. This is regarding the layout you sent. (Yawn) Yeah I… Continue reading

Indian Terrain Spring Summer ’13 Campaign – Kill Gentle

An apparel brand for real, mature men with a point of view on what it takes to be a ‘real man’ Conceptualized by JWT, Chennai and brought alive by Tarunn Solanki, the lensman

Yaake* Risk-u?

You know you’ve come up the hard way. You’ve come up far beyond where you thought you could. You’ve come up so high that the risk of failure is higher than any forseeable… Continue reading

Why bother about Content if…

Why bother about content if… … Content still means that page you use to navigate through books … You think social media is a fad that is bound to pass … You can’t… Continue reading