Yaake* Risk-u?

You know you’ve come up the hard way. You’ve come up far beyond where you thought you could. You’ve come up so high that the risk of failure is higher than any forseeable… Continue reading

Why bother about Content if…

Why bother about content if… … Content still means that page you use to navigate through books … You think social media is a fad that is bound to pass … You can’t… Continue reading

Why is it so hard to go social??

Mart: Hey why’re you looking so down and out? Fart: I decided to get social today Mart: That’s so unlike you! You have always kept pretty much to yourself. Fart: That’s not true.… Continue reading

For heaven’s sake, don’t call me on a month end!

Monday, 28th Can we discuss the next year’s plan today? I’m preparing for the month-end. Can we do it tomorrow? Wednesday, 30th Hi. This is regarding the discussion on next year’s plan. You… Continue reading

Leaked: The CEO’s announcement about impending change

A leaked transcript of the CEO’s address that is based on a standard script that is circulated only in select cirles Dear members of the marketing team This is to announce the new… Continue reading

Hop-Step-Jump: An autobio-graphic novel


W.T.F. are you reading Mr.Brand Manager?

We all know what books brand guys are supposed to read, right? Philip Kotler and the likes.  David Ogilvy.  Ries and Trout. Martin Lindstorm, Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink. Or all those stories… Continue reading

The fine art of ‘adding value’

It typically begins as an attempt to impose your presence on something that can get by very well without you. Old women used to call it poking your nose, but shoving your backside… Continue reading

Get up, dust yourself, Unilever’s changed!

Whether we like it or not, a lot of marketers shamelessly ape the Unilever way of managing brands. No other brand company makes marketing tools as robust and well throught through as Unilever… Continue reading

The mind of the master

Yet another familiar corporate charade between the agency (Lea), the Boss (Bus) and the sidekick (Dun)! Lea: So that’s our recommendation Bus: Bah! Lea: Does that mean you do not agree? Bus: (Blows… Continue reading