The degeneration of the creative brief: Innocence, Cynicism, Farce

Most mediocre pieces of advertising (and design) have often started with a degenerate creative brief where lofty ideals have degenerated to meaningless banality, faster than melting ice. Here’s a sneak peek from the… Continue reading

A graphic primer on archetypes

Let me offer you a glimpse into one of the dark secrets of marketing and advertising. Marketers have been shamelessly using this Jungian concept to great effect. You can ignore the next line… Continue reading

Hans Brinker – Breaking all rules, by the Book

Now here is a brand that seems to be doing everything by the book A sharp TG – the young budget traveller A clearly articulated positioning that draws from the fundamental strengths of… Continue reading

How to write an effective Design Brief

Design briefs are the most evolved form of creative briefs where the most intelligent of men (mostly MBAs) brief the most creative folks to help create the inconceivable and the indescribable. While there… Continue reading

99 ways to increase traffic to your blog

Add the blog URL to your visiting card Append the blog URL to your digital signature Read others’ blogs and say nice things about their blogs before politely inviting them to read yours… Continue reading

The 2 halfs, the haves and the have-nots

The Cast M: The Client (who runs a large company) K: Account Head – Serviving X: Creative Director – 1 Y: Creative Director – 2 I: Management trainee who works with M Place:… Continue reading

50 ways to kill your brand before your competition can

Assume that your close family members are adequate representation of the consumer Analyse the brand track in great depth and get lost in the details Stop investing in the brand altogether Blame the… Continue reading

Are you getting judgemental at work?

Sometimes, all it takes is just a single statement before we form a judgement about someone – things like where he is coming from, where he’s headed and what he is doing in-between… Continue reading

What is the big deal about an insight anyway?

I spend a significant part of my life talking about the importance of insights for brands. And then something like this comes along. Emami has launched Tasty and Healthy cooking oils. Wow! I… Continue reading

Thank you Andre

Thank you for writing about your life so openly, that it feels like I have personally lived through your life and learned in a few days what it took you a lifetime to… Continue reading