Are you getting judgemental at work?

Sometimes, all it takes is just a single statement before we form a judgement about someone – things like where he is coming from, where he’s headed and what he is doing in-between… Continue reading

What is the big deal about an insight anyway?

I spend a significant part of my life talking about the importance of insights for brands. And then something like this comes along. Emami has launched Tasty and Healthy cooking oils. Wow! I… Continue reading

Thank you Andre

Thank you for writing about your life so openly, that it feels like I have personally lived through your life and learned in a few days what it took you a lifetime to… Continue reading

The allure of the mall

Sitting at a coffee shop, watching people in a mall, wondering what brings them here… The Mall is a license to slow down…when the over-heated mind can slow down to the pace at… Continue reading

The Japanese, the European and the Indians

R: The Brand manager, who just wants to do his job without too much fuss N: The Japanese consultant P: The European consultant E: Junior research scientist V: Head-Sales M: Head – Company… Continue reading

A Cautionary Tale: Cow in a tiger’s clothing

This is an investigation of the phenomenon of cows wanting to dress up like a Tiger. Disclaimer: Before we get into the discussion, just wanted to clear the air about any seeming gender… Continue reading

Two books on the effects of immigrants on urban culture

Arrival City (by Doug Sanders)  is a study of the effects of migration on urban culture. I haven’t yet got around to reading it although I have got myself a copy. That was… Continue reading

Talking between yawns

Dan:Yawn… Rit: Yawn… Dan: (Stifling the next one) You just yawned Rit: Yeah. It’s addictive you know Dan: How long do you think this is gonna go on Rit: Dunno. He seems pretty… Continue reading

The boss runs amok!

Cast E: Head of the account – seasoned advertising pro F: Creative director Y: Rookie – servicing guy in his first week in the agency, fresh off the campus J: Sales and Marketing… Continue reading

Management by obfuscation

Yet another Bored-room bug leak that looks at how diverse points of view, multiple intelligences, and a love of complexity can flourish in a culture of collaborative decision making (phew!) and confuse the… Continue reading