The boss runs amok!

Cast E: Head of the account – seasoned advertising pro F: Creative director Y: Rookie – servicing guy in his first week in the agency, fresh off the campus J: Sales and Marketing… Continue reading

Management by obfuscation

Yet another Bored-room bug leak that looks at how diverse points of view, multiple intelligences, and a love of complexity can flourish in a culture of collaborative decision making (phew!) and confuse the… Continue reading

Plainspeak – Unacceptable answers to un-answerable questions

So if you think intellectual analysis is stifling your attempts at innovation, it helps to quote from some very articulate people who have voiced an opinion on the very issue you are grappling… Continue reading

The Inscrutable mind of the CEO

The Cast R: Brand manager V: Sales Head O: V’s official subordinate and unofficial henchman J: Sales and marketing head M: Head of the Company A: M’s assistant L: An unimportant senior manager… Continue reading

Brand Kolaveri

Scene: Boardroom J: Head – Marketing R: Brand manager V: Head – Sales M: Head – Company U, X, H: Heads of functions that have absolutely no clue about marketing, but never lose… Continue reading

First day, Last resort

The Cast (Just in case you haven’t read the earlier piece) V: Head-Sales M: Head-Company A: Assistant to M J: V’s Boss S: Assistant to V R: Brand manager And, W: who’s just… Continue reading

Action on the side

Scene: Coffee Machine U: Brand manager who’s pretty new in his job R: Brand manager who’s been around for a bit more (just back from the film shoot in Johannesburg) T: Another brand… Continue reading

the bored room bug

Scene: Boardroom Theme: Boredroom Cast: V: Head-Sales M: Head-Company A: Assistant to M J: V’s Boss S: Assistant to V L: A very senior person in a quite inconsequential role who attends most… Continue reading

The War on Good Taste

Globally, Axe has been waging a lone battle against good taste. Outrageously sexy women, throwing themselves at nerdy men in ever more imaginative and contrived ways has made it an icon of sorts.… Continue reading