The apple of his eye

Apple of his eye

Disclaimer: All characters are purely fictional. Gender is interchangeable, but since there is a moment of sudden physical violence, the perpetrator (rather than the victim) of the act has been kept as a woman. While this opens up a debate on typecasting women in organizations, the author felt it is a lesser evil than being seen as condoning violence against women. Strong feminists who are immune to pain can easily swap the gender of the characters and have as much fun as the men would have otherwise.

She: What do you think, boss?

He: (jostled out of his reverie – remembers he is supposed to ‘think’) Uh, about what, oh apple of my eye?

She: (whispers with feverish anticipation) About what IDeA just said!

He: And what exactly did IDeA just say? (The tone clearly indicates that listening to all and sundry is not his job)

She:  uh, he was, y’know sort of, like, the… , excuse me a moment please.

She: (Runs to IDeA, stops a minute to catch her breath and adopts a more authoritative tone)

She: Hey, can you repeat what you just told me?

IDeA: Admit, you didnt understand it the first time I told you

She: (Swats IDeA with a phablet and smiles sweetly while talking between clenched teeth) Just tell me, ok

IDeA: Ok, what I was saying was…. ……… ………………. …….. (uses a lot more words and deliberately complicates the idea). What do you think?

She: I will get back to you. Just wipe that smirk off your face and start working, or else…

IDeA: (Gives Black Looks, unutterable mutters, and slinks back to the dustbin where he resides)

She: (Swishes back to the boss with a sweet smile)

He: Yes, my darling, where did we leave our conversation?

She: Oh, that! Did you manage to catch the delectable fare at the LÁrpege?

He: Aah, now that you mention that… (Puts his feet up and orders for a hot cup of coffee)

She: (is all ears)

IDeA: (tosses around in the dustbin)