The allure of the mall

Sitting at a coffee shop, watching people in a mall, wondering what brings them here…

The Mall is a license to slow down…when the over-heated mind can slow down to the pace at which we walk

The Mall is an oasis of privacy…  letting  us disappear, anonymous in a crowd

The Mall is what we always thought the city would be… a reminder of the dream that brought us to the city in the first place

The Mall is like a cool waft of affluence, even if only for a painfully short few hours

The Mall is the promise of the cross-roads… an imagination of hope and choice at every pause

The Mall is where we wait… for that chance meeting that can change lives

The Mall just asks of us to be a bystander… taking the pressure of the spotlight off, even if only for a while

The mall is all that life can never offer

But the mall shuts down everyday, leaving us with no option but to leave