Brands I’ve been with: 2016

Here’s a listing of some of the work done on brands I have been with in 2016.

BBH continued to make some really cool ads on Coverfox – insurance that’s faster than disaster. A brand that’s changed forever the way the category communicates.


Maiyas is a food company led by a pioneering spirit that marries the latest in food technology with the wisdom of tradition. And when you believe that Tradition isn’t carrying forward the baggage of the past, but passing on the flame Ralph & Das came up with ‘Tradition with a Twist’.


And there’s this active wear brand that’s gonna stand up to the global sports brands – a brand that’s out to capture and celebrate spirit of the new age athletes. Of course there are MILES 2GO. Maac and Tarun come together for a very arduous shoot and Mukund’s poetry keeeps pace with the heartbeat of the runners.




Smartron – An audacious made in India brand. Ether Design’s Makarand’s distinctive design.  Made by engineers exclusively for the Geeks. JWT’s cool idea was brought alive by Tarun and edited by Monotosh in his cool style

The stunning photography of Tarun lends a whole new dimension to the interaction between man and devices




This year was one of those rare occasions when I have worked with 2 brands in the same industry.

A new identity for Avagmah that offer professionals a ‘higher degree of freedom’; And the team at Ether Design came up with a new identity that spoke that language at every touch point


Upgrad is the place for smart minds come to sharpen their tools. Niranjan’s WhyAxis helps the brand ‘Stay Sharp’


But clearly, Education is a tough nut with a lot of stubborn cliche’s. A lot more needs to be done here.

Here’s looking forward to what seems to be a totally different year ahead.



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